What is NGO HUM?

HUM is a non-governmental arts association for­med in 1992. The goal is to hold organized acti­vities for utilization and revival of craftsmans­hip by encouraging folk craftsmen and creators of authentic values. HUM is a member of IOV (International Organization of Folk Arts), the Balkan Middle Class Bureau and the International Federation of Culture and Art Councils and Agencies. It has a Public Utility Certificate since 1997. The Union is collaborating with different state institutions and NGOs. It has several local branches in Balti, Telenesti and Criuleni districts.


The preserving, valuation and enrichment of country’s cultural patrimony by including folk craftsmen in the creation process


The Republic of Moldova - a democratically and prosper country with a powerful middle class, where craftsmen realize their role as keepers, promoters and creators of historical, cultural, economical and social values.

Why craftsmen are important?

Folk craftsmanship is an activity for creation of utilitarian-decorative objects, practiced by craftsmen using traditional technical and artistic methods, most of which are manual ones.

  • Folk craftsmanship is an important element of artistic strengthening process, aesthetic education, professional training.
  • Folk craftsmanship determines cultural and national identity of people.
  • Folk craftsmanship provides jobs, brings in­come.
  • Folk craftsmanship is an important source for tourist industry.

Who are the beneficiaries?

The beneficiaries of NGO HUM services are members of the Union, cultural workers, those who want to practice folk crafts as well as local and foreign consumers of craft products.

How to become a HUM member?

The candidate must meet the following require­ments:

·        be skilled in a traditional folk craft

·        participates in 2 republican exhibitions.

·        has apprentices.

The council will make the decision within 6 months after filing the application.

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